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- 6 tickets price this year : In order to guarantee a seat for people who wish it, you can choose to buy seated places (in seats - 2 categorys) or standing places (in the pit). The tariffs are thus not the same ones according to your choice of place.

In addition, the first spectacle of Wednesday is also proposed with less low tariff. See the explanations hereafter.
- 1st concert of Wednesday : Since the Enfoires rehearse together on a voluntary basis with a very tight schedule, the first concert (on Wednesday 18th January 2017 evening) is a sort of "general rehearsal".
Hence, to be fair, this first concert's ticket price was reduced.

- 65 €uros in seats category 1 (numbered seated)
- 55 €uros in seats category 2 (numbered seated)
- 45 €uros in the pit (standing).
- Others concerts : For the others concerts, from Thursday 19th January to Monday 23rd January 2017 :

- 75 €uros in seats category 1 (numbered seated)
- 65 €uros in seats category 2 (numbered seated)
- 55 €uros in the pit (standing).
- Seats / Pit : There is a different tariff in seats or pit.

The placement in pit is free.

The placement in seats is numbered.
- Sales limitation : Sales are limited to 4 tickets per person.
We regret we cannot meet the demands of companies or associations asking for more tickets.
Note : Everyone, including the volunteers, pays for their seat.

Even the artists buy tickets for their family and friends, without exception.

The price may seem expensive to some. But not only is this an opportunity for watching a mega-concert with around fifty artists, but also all the profits are used to fund the activities of the Restos du Cœur.


3rd March 2017 : Brodacasting of the show of the Enfoires 2017 (on TF1 and RTL)


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