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Launched on August 1st 2007, the Forum of the Enfoirœs offers visitors the possibility to express themselves freely about the Enfoirœs, the shows, the artists, ...

It is organized in several sub-forums, which you can select depending on whether you wish to express yourself on the concert to come, give your impressions, or ask questions about previous concerts, resell or exchange concert tickets, or discuss other subjects.

The team of the Restos du Cœur will answer your messages as much as they can. Nevertheless, you need to know that the forum will not publish any official information that is not published on the site (for example : sales dates of tickets, participating artists, ...), since the forum's primary aim is to enable exchanges among the users.

Note : forum users have to respect the rules which were laid down for its proper use. The Restos du Cœur can remove any message it deems improper without prior notice.
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28th November 2017 : Ticket sales
16th January 2018 : Tuesday Concert (7.45 pm)
17th January 2018 : Wednesday Concert (7.45 pm)
18th January 2018 : Thursday Concert (7.45 pm)
19th January 2018 : Friday Concert (7.45 pm)
20th January 2018 : Saturday Concert (12.45 pm)
20th January 2018 : Saturday Concert (7.45 pm)
21st January 2018 : Sunday Concert (5.45 pm)


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